One of the best Korean actors, Ji Sung celebrated the eighth anniversary of his marriage lớn Lee Bo-Young with fans by posting a photo on his Instagram using the hashtag “#8주년♥ (junyeon)” or “#8th anniversary♥"

The post shows the couple’s wedding photo from 2013. Seeing their elegant appearance in a wedding dress và tuxedo with genuine smiles on their faces made fans and supporters swoon.

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Korean and international fans left comments such as "Happy anniversary!" "I hope that much happiness will come your way" and "You guys look so beautiful ."

The two first met on the phối of the SBS drama The Last Dance with Me in 2004 & confirmed that they were dating in 2007. They dated for about 7 years và tied the knot on Sept. 28, 2013, at Aston House in W Seoul WalkerHill Hotel. The couple now has a daughter & a son.

The intimate love between the two has always been noticed by fans. They are adorable when Ji Sung talks about his wife or when Lee Bo-Young talks about her husband. Even after years of being together, they act as though their love is new và fresh.

As per All K-Pop in 2014, a year after their marriage, Lee Bo-Young appeared on SBS" Healing Camp and revealed how their love story began.

She said, "I did not lượt thích my husband, Ji Sung, at first so I turned down his confession. While I was meeting with my friends, Ji Sung said he would join and, on that day, he wrote a lưu ý and put it in my bag. "I like you" was written on it."

She continued, "I always thought I could not be with another celebrity, so I had a fantasy of being with an ordinary person more than a celebrity. I told him I would turn him down because he was a celebrity lớn which he said, "Then I will give up acting." I was tricked," making everyone laugh as Ji Sung has continued lớn be an actor.

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"Ji Sung asked me out for three months & I treated him badly. I pushed him away, saying I didn"t like him,” she said apologetically.

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She also shared how Ji Sung"s proposal went. "I received a proposal in Spain. Before our wedding, we left for a photoshoot in Spain. We were doing the shoot in front of the khách sạn we were staying at when a huge amplifier appeared during our break và Ji Sung came out with a microphone khổng lồ read me a letter. I was about lớn grow teary from listening to lớn the letter, but at that moment, he began to sing and my tears went away. A lot of people were watching from the hotel. At that time, Ji Sung quý phái a tuy nhiên I liked, Elton John"s Your Song."

She also revealed that she didn"t have to vày any of the preparations for their wedding. From designing to everything else, Ji Sung did everything & she was “very grateful.”

Ji Sung’s realizations as a husband and father

As per Soompi, Ji Sung shared some insights into his life with his family during the premiere episode of tvN’s ‘RUN’, January last year.

During his conversation with Kang Ki Young, the topic went to lớn families, và Ji Sung says he sees his family as a gift from God. “The greatest gift,” he said.

He also shared how he stopped his bad habits for his family. “At some point, I realized that my drinking wasn’t any help khổng lồ myself or my family,” he said. “There was a time in my life that was so difficult I could only get through it by gaining strength from alcohol. Still, it was all futile. But now I have a wife & children, so I gain courage. I want khổng lồ be with my wife for longer and I want to lớn be healthy when I’m standing next khổng lồ my children at their weddings & watching over them. A father has lớn be healthy to vị things for his family.”

Also, during the said program Ji Sung was running with “Anna” and “Elsa” from ‘Frozen’ on his name tag. “Ji Yoo (their daughter) likes these characters,” he explained. “They’re going lớn give me strength.”

“The characters that my daughter loves give me strength!’ I run while thinking of my daughter và my wife,” Ji Sung said.

Ji Sung sweet gestures towards Lee Bo-Young

According khổng lồ Soompi on June 7, Lee Bo-Young’s agency J Wide-Company shared photos of the actress with a food truck & coffee truck sent by her husband on the phối of her current drama Mine.

The agency said, “Last weekend! Actor Ji Sung sent a steak truck & coffee truck to the set of actress Lee Bo Young’s tvN drama Mine.”

The banners on the steak truck read, “I am enthusiastically cheering on Lee Bo Young, the most lovable actress in the world, along with the Mine team,” and, “Everyone! Take good care of your health until the end & gain strength.”

On the coffee truck banner, Ji Sung wrote, “Thank you for loving & cherishing our Bo Young a lot.”

Both nailed their roles on their last drama series—Jisung on the tvN drama Devil Judge, which ended in August; và Lee Bo-young on Mine, which ended in June.