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Title: Shigumimareta history! (仕組まれたhistory!)

Air date: March 12, 2017

Written by: Yuya Takahashi

Directed by: Satoshi Morota



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Can someone give Dan Kuroto's actor a medal? He's obviously having far too much fun with his role và it's working out so well. God, this scene gave me goosebumps.

We can all praise the beautiful và sexyness of Dan Kuruto A.K.A Tetsuya Iwanaga-san

That was loading at the speed of dialup, but as soon as I got about 1/5th of his face I knew what it was. This scene was sooo good.

-Secondary riders fighting out of a company,handling minions only to be defeated badly

-Main rider nearly destroyed by main baddie,leaving him barely hanging in there.

-Main baddie makes a triumphrant return,causing the entire building to be outrun by the baddies.

Are you sure this isn't a script for an episode that is lượt thích 5-6 till the last one?

Which makes Parad's statement of "Emu, so your story is entering its final stage now.." all the more intriguing.

Kamen Rider always have two parts, the first & second parts aren't always the same writer so I kinda worried if everything goes down hill after Dan is defeated because he is clearly the quái nhân for the first part only.

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" A protagonist & his (or her) story can only be intellectually fascinating và emotionally compelling as the forces of antagonism makes them " Robert Mckree, Story.

" Create an opponent who is exceptionally good attacking your hero's greatest weakness " John Truby, The Anatomy of Story.

" The best way lớn create an antagonist who is just as organic khổng lồ the character’s inner arc as he is lớn the outer conflict is to vị it on purpose, right from the start. " K.M. Weiland, Crafting Unforgettable Characters

This is why i found Genm is one the best TV villain out there.


Props again too Tetsuya Iwanaga-san that beautiful man. Some one just give him và award already.

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So basically, have all your exceptions programmed & able khổng lồ handle well from the start?

Who knew that story telling writing and computer programming is essentially one in the same. Program bad applications with loop holes, and it would be exploited. Write a story with plot holes và the story falls apart for the viewer.

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Really digging how Dan pulls a Yoshikage Kira at the end 24ReplyShareReportSaveFollowlevel 2 · 5 yr. Ago26ReplyShareReportSaveFollowContinue this thread 

level 2 · 5 yr. AgoHe just wants to live a in Duwang

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level 1 · 5 yr. AgoIn this Episode:

LOCAL ZOMBIEMAN HAS NO FUCKING CHILL23ReplyShareReportSaveFollowlevel 2 · 5 yr. Ago


Back lớn you, Barbara.

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His motives are petty as fuck though

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"This 8 year old dare send me, the trò chơi god himself, some crayon drawings of trò chơi ideas? Fine, I'm just going khổng lồ infect him with this unknown virus and then stalk him for 16 years before wrecking his life."

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