They are not the closest friends, but Sakura & Hinata appreciate each other (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha, Viz Media, Boruto: naruto Next Generations)
No other pair of girls is as iconic lớn the Naruto fandom as Sakura và Hinata. However, the fact that they are both great is not as positive for one of them as it is for the other.

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Sakura has been hated by a large portion of fans since she was first introduced in the series. Hinata, on the other hand, while hated by some, has a lot more tư vấn than her pink-haired friend.

Why is that? What makes Hinata so lovable? What makes people hate Sakura?

In this article we will talk about 5 reasons why the fans adore Hinata and despise Sakura.

Her character development & 4 other reasons na-ru-to fans love Hinata

1) Her love came from admiration

Hinata was also a bit obsessive in her love for na-ru-to for a very long time, unable khổng lồ properly speak lớn him without getting nervous or fainting. Despite this, Hinata’s love for na-ru-to did not start a crush based on his appearance lượt thích Sakura’s.

Hinata loves na-ru-to because he showed her that being a failure, lượt thích the Hyuga clan considered her to lớn be, was not the kết thúc of the world. If someone is called a failure, they just need lớn work harder to overcome their weaknesses.

Since Hinata learned that lesson from Naruto, she has pushed herself khổng lồ be better, training hard like the one she loves.

2) Her personality

One of the things Hinata fans love most about her is her kind và polite behavior in the series. Unlike most other girls in the series who are either overly confident or brash and violent, Hinata is considerably calmer và humbler.

Fans love Hinata because she would balance out the brash attitude many other characters had. Still, this does not mean her personality was always the best, as her lack of confidence impeded her from becoming a better Kunoichi for many years.

3) Her perseverance

For many years, Hinata was considered a burden to the Hyuga family, seeing as her gentle nature made it difficult for her to lớn want khổng lồ hurt others. Even her father lost faith in her for many years, preferring lớn train her younger sister Hanabi.

Despite this treatment, Hinata never gave up, figuring ways to lớn better herself and training away from the eyes of her family. After Neji became her protector, he helped train until she became the skilled và powerful Kunoichi she is today.

4) Her growth

When fans first saw Hinata, her shy attitude & soft-spoken voice were something strange in a world full of violence và fighting. For most of her childhood và teenage years, her personality did not change.

It was not until na-ru-to returned lớn Konoha that Hinata was once again invigorated khổng lồ become a better version of herself. She became more daring và confident, standing up khổng lồ Pain when he was about to lớn kill her future husband. She even helped one she loved regain his determination during the Fourth ninja War.

5) Her fighting style

There is no denying that fans of the franchise love the many fight scenes it has to lớn offer. Amongst all of them, some of the coolest looking ones come from the Hyuga clan, who use their Gentle Fist style khổng lồ give amazing spectacles.

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Hinata added a pair of lion heads khổng lồ her palm, making her fights even more awesome for fans khổng lồ watch. If that wasn"t enough, the Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms Jutsu of her family has some of the most stunning visuals of the series.

Her obsessive behavior và 4 other reasons Sakura is hated by na-ru-to fans

1) She can be a toxic person

No one can deny Sakura is a violent person, which would not be a problem if she knew when she should act this way. However, Sakura is normally violent towards the people who care about her, lượt thích the countless times she beat Naruto to lớn a pulp.

Still, her blonde teammate is not the only individual she has had violent outbursts against, as Ino has also been a target of her brash attitude. When Sakura found out Ino liked Sasuke as well, her first reaction was khổng lồ abandon her best friend because of her crush.

2) She was not very useful as a child

Any anime fan hâm mộ has heard the phrase “Sakura is a useless character before,” as it is one of the biggest criticisms against her character people use. Despite her becoming a wonderful Medic Ninja and one of the strongest Kunoichi in the world, fans still call her worthless.

This was mostly due to the lack of aid she provided during most missions in the franchise. Even when she became a better nin-ja than her teacher Tsunade, she rarely ever proved this, something fans will never forget.

Still, she does have several moments where her contributions were pivotal to lớn the success of a mission, something haters would vì chưng well to lớn remember.

3) Her obsession with Sasuke

We have already talked about Hinata’s obsession with our protagonist also being unhealthy, yet Sakura took the unhealthy behavior to lớn the max. When they were children, Sakura would get angry at anyone who would even dare look at Sasuke. She did all this because she saw him as the most attractive boy in her grade.

After they got to know each other, Sakura developed real love for the Uchiha, something that was exponentially better since it was not based on his looks. Nonetheless, all of that was worthless when Sasuke left the village, as Sakura’s behavior became once again harmful và consuming.

4) She lied to Naruto

The Nine-Tails Jinchuriki was in love with his pink-haired teammate for more than a decade, something Sakura was completely aware of. No one can blame her for not reciprocating her friend’s feelings, considering she did not owe him anything in that regard.

What fans will never forgive is her actions after the five Kage Summit, when she lied to lớn Naruto, proclaiming that she loved him. With a broken heart, our protagonist was quick to lớn spot the lie, calling Sakura out for her behavior.

Even if she thought this would be helping her friend, it was never an okay thing to lớn do.

5) She hid the truth from her daughter

Sakura became exponentially better as the years went by, turning into a great wife, Kunoichi, và mother. Regardless, some behaviors are hard to forget, like the obsessive devotion to Sasuke she was afflicted by for so many years.

In order for her daughter Sarada to lớn not learn about her father’s past, Sakura hid everything related khổng lồ the Uchiha’s sins. This, added with Sasuke’s constant travels outside the village, caused Sarada lớn start doubting if Sakura was even her real mother, something that put her in grave danger.