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The Bottom Line

With a snappy, satisfying keyboard và solid battery life, Microsoft's 13.5-inch Surface máy tính 3 is an excellent ultraportable that gets the basics right.

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Comfortable keyboard and touchpad. Excellent display quality. Long battery life. Multiple màu sắc and chassis-material options.

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Microsoft"s answer to the táo khuyết MacBook is the Surface Laptop, an ultraportable máy tính xách tay that focuses on comfort and portability but skips most of the tricked-out features found on some high-end Windows notebooks, such as webcam privacy shutters & watchband-style 360-degree hinges. Now in its third generation, the 13.5-inch Surface máy vi tính 3 (starts at $999; $1,599 as tested) is an excellent option for people who seek the Windows mobile experience as Microsoft intends it.

The Growing Surface Family

The Surface máy tính family is expanding. Originally comprising a lone 13.5-inch mã sản phẩm with a quality soft gray "Alcantara fabric" covering its palm rest, the line now includes multiple sizes, màu sắc options, configurations, và material choices. The model I"m reviewing here is the Sandstone metal version with a 13.5-inch cảm biến screen & an Intel bộ vi xử lý core i7 processor. Other chassis-color options at this screen kích cỡ include Black, Platinum, và Cobalt Blue. The máy tính xách tay is also available in a larger 15-inch version, which only comes in the first two màu sắc options.

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The Sandstone finish looks handsome and understated. It takes on a slightly pinkish hue under bright light, but it"s not nearly as flashy as the Rose Gold màu sắc option available on the táo apple MacBook Air. Other than the new color options (some of which lack Alcantara fabric, only available on the Platinum & Cobalt xanh versions), the Surface máy tính xách tay 3"s physical design remains nearly identical to lớn that of the first & second generations. It"s a traditional clamshell size factor. You won"t find a detachable keyboard or a 360-degree hinge here, designs Microsoft has championed in partnerships with other manufacturers và used in its own Surface Pro line to lớn present Windows as a viable tablet operating system.